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The Apple Watch is too easy to steal and reset as a new device

apple watch easy to steal reset candyshell fit
It seems that the Apple Watch is far too easy to steal, based on a recent report from iDownload Blog. Although you can set a passcode to lock the device every time you take it off, the Apple Watch can presently be easily reset and paired with a different iPhone under a new iCloud account. The current version of Watch OS does not have an activation lock in place, which would require the owner’s passcode upon reset.

Recently, Apple’s iOS platform added an activation lock of sorts, wherein a would-be thief can no longer simply reset the device without the proper iCloud login registered on the device. This essentially turns a stolen iPhone with iOS 7 or later, into a paperweight. The absence of the activation lock on the Apple Watch means that it is very easy to rest the device as a new Apple Watch, if it’s stolen. The publication that brought the issue to light even published a video showing how simple it is to reset.

It is curious that Apple not include that specific security feature on its first smartwatch, seeing as it has been standard on its phones for two years now. However, it is important to point out that a user’s data is indeed safe on the Apple Watch, so thieves won’t be able to make mobile payments using the Watch, which is connected to your Apple Pay account. They can, however, reset it as a new device with their own account very easily.

Activation lock could be included in the next update to the Apple Watch OS, although Apple has yet to respond to recently voiced concerns over the device’s security.

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