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New patent shows a radically different Apple Watch with a flexible display

Apple Watch
The Apple Watch is by far the most popular smartwatch out there but when it was launched, some criticized it for looking a little too much like a smartphone strapped to your wrist. Now, however, that may be changing.

Apple has filed a patent for a new version of the Apple Watch that shows a pretty radical change to the device. Perhaps the biggest change is that instead of a square look, the device looks to incorporate a more standard circular watch face. The patent was discovered by Patently Apple.

Of course, it won’t look totally like a classic watch — just the shape. The patent describes that the device will include a flexible display that covers both the watch face and the watch band. The bezels on the device also look pretty slim, which helps give the device that large flexible-display look.

The device isn’t just a big screen — it will also include a small module with a processor, along with what could be a communication module, with which it can connect to things through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The move would be an interesting one from Apple and would represent a major change to the design. Still, this is just a patent — so while Apple has looked into the idea, there is no guarantee that we will ever see it and if we do that, we will see it soon. It is also important to note that the patent dates back to 2015.

The design of wearable devices is much more important than of others, largely because they are a part of the user’s fashion. Perhaps Apple could offer a number of different Apple Watch designs in an attempt to cater to different fashions.

A number of rumors about the upcoming Apple Watch Series 3 have surfaced over the past few weeks, namely that the device will start working “smart bands.” One smart band is reportedly a blood glucose monitor, which is aimed at helping those that suffer from diabetes.

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