Bubbling burns and annoying rashes plague some Apple Watch users

Apple Watch Wrist
Giuseppe Costantino/Shutterstock
Wearables bring technology closer to our bodies than any other devices in recent memory. Since wearables are always on your body, they can also accidentally harm you or irritate your skin. The most recent wearable to turn on its users is the Apple Watch. Apparently, a number of users are reporting burns from the device itself, as well as unsightly rashes.

One Apple Watch user named Paula Cerutti told the publication Fusion that she started to feel like something was burning her wrist about an hour into her workout. She figured her Apple Watch Sport was strapped on too tightly, and loosened the band to give her wrist some breathing room. Later that night, Cerutti found bubbling blisters on her wrist where the Apple Watch had been, and the Watch was hot to the touch.

She complained about the incident on Twitter, added a picture, and stated that Apple hadn’t been helpful when she reported the issue.

Other Apple Watch users, including an iOS developer, experienced similar burns and posted pictures of their injuries on Twitter or Instagram. Some are not sure if the Apple Watch is burning their skin or they are simply getting a rash from the friction of the device and the band. Rashes from wearables, especially those with silicon bands, are not uncommon. Fitbit users have had the same problems for years.

Apple has yet to address the issue of burns specifically, though it does mention skin irritation and rashes on its support page for the Apple Watch. The company recommends taking a break from the device and loosening the band to give your wrist more room to breathe. Of course, if the watch itself is burning users, that’s another problem entirely that’s much more serious and can’t be resolved with a simple loosening of the band.

We’ll keep you updated on the story, if Apple responds.

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