Asus VivoWatch might be the smartwatch of your dreams with 10-day battery life

Asus already makes one of the nicest-looking Android Wear smartwatches, but now the company is moving ahead with a new device called the Asus VivoWatch. It runs an entirely different software from Android Wear and boasts 10-day battery life.

It has the same attractive look as the ZenWatch

Asus’ ZenWatch remains one of the most attractive Android Wear devices on the market, and the VivoWatch promises to turn just as many heads. The device follows a similar design language, with what appears to be a stainless steel casing and a sporty strap. The VivoWatch has an IP67 dust and water resistance rating, so you won’t have to worry about damage from sweat or rain during on your morning run.


The VivoWatch gets amazing 10-day battery life

Battery life is one of the most important things for wearables, but most smartwatches barely make it through a full day. Asus’ VivoWatch is the exception to the rule. It offers up to 10 days of battery life, even though the watch sports a 123mAh battery, which is less hefty than the battery inside most smartwatches. The VivoWatch pulls off 10-day battery life thanks to a number of key features.

Its 128 x 128 pixel black-and-white touchscreen and the lack of a powerful processor help keep power consumption low, as does the very simple OS called Kood, which was developed by Asus for the device. Android Wear and Apple’s Watch OS are very power hungry, but Asus’ Kood is not. Even so, Kood still manages to take on a variety of tasks, including fitness tracking, sleep monitoring, and notifications. Additionally, the VivoWatch uses a microcontroller instead of an actual processor to cut down on power use.

The only huge downside to all these power-saving measures is that the VivoWatch can’t run third-party apps. The VivoWatch must rely on Asus’ software and bundles apps alone. Otherwise, the device has everything else you’d expect from a smartwatch, including a heart rate sensor and a focus on fitness. The VivoWatch also works with both Android and iPhone, which is something only a few other smartwatches can say.

It’ll only cost $150, but may not reach the U.S.

To top it all off, Asus’ VivoWatch will be one of the cheapest smartwatches around at just $150 when it comes to Taiwan in May, ePrice says. It will also arrive in the U.K., France, and Germany soon, but no U.S. release date was mentioned in the FocusTaiwan report.

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