Here’s Apple’s OTHER watch, and it ain’t pretty

check out the other apple watch 1995

If you’re a massive Apple fan and just can’t wait till next year to get an Apple-made watch on your wrist, you’re in luck. Sort of.

A timepiece produced by the tech giant way back in 1995 has just resurfaced, and can be yours for around $100. There’s just one problem, though. It looks hideous.

Spotted by MacRumors this week, the grisly-looking 19-year-old device is actually a promotional product that Apple pushed out to persuade users to upgrade their Mac computers to System 7.5.

The offer ran for a couple of months, and gave customers the choice between the garish watch or “award-winning startup manager” software called Conflict Catcher when they purchased the operating system.

A distributor that’s apparently kept a batch of them in a darkened closet all these years has now decided to unleash the fully functioning devices on the public, offering them for between $99 and $129, depending on their condition. All come with new batteries, and free shipping is offered in the U.S. with delivery guaranteed before Christmas.

And yes, this particular Apple watch features a very basic design – it’s just a watch. It’s not smart. It tells the time. And may also frighten small children.

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that Steve Jobs, famous for his strong and steadfast belief in clean and elegant design, was still a year away from rejoining the company when this effort popped up.

I mean, can you imagine the unspeakable humiliation that would’ve befallen the poor designer had they presented the late Apple co-founder with this particular wearable device? Best not think about it, eh.