Your heart might just skip a beat when you see the newest smartwatch to hit the market, but that’s okay, seeing as this particular wearable also claims to be the smallest EKG in the world. Meet the Cronovo Smartwatch, a device that doesn’t sacrifice form for function (or vice versa).

While other wearables have often faced criticism for their relatively inaccurate heart rate tracking capabilities, the Cronovo attempts to address this problem head-on. The people behind the watch claim that it combines both optical and electrical systems to keep tabs on the wearer’s heart rate, which gives the team “unmatched accuracy.” In fact, the Cronovo claims that it can achieve 99.9 percent accuracy when compared to FDA approved medical devices. But perhaps can is the operative word here.

In addition to its EKG functionality, the new smartwatch also includes metabolism rate tracking to help wearers optimize their workouts, recovery tracking, a well as 7-minute workouts that “provide coaching guidance to achieve a ‘double-calorie burn’ in minutes.” Indeed, the watch’s speaker and built-in microphone make it seem as though you have a personal trainer on your wrist.

“With Cronovo, we’ve combined the ease-of-use and smartness of traditional watches, health devices and smartwatches to create a personal assistant and a pioneering gadget all rolled into one stylish watch,” said Cronovo co-founder Darin Philip.

The water resistant wearable is currently available in metal silver, black, and leather strap editions, and a limited-edition rose gold style. And while most smartwatches have rather questionable battery lives, the Cronovo claims to last up to five days on a single charge. With 55 days left to go, the Cronovo has already surpassed its crowdfunding goal, but if you’d like to support, the smartwatch is available now for the early bird price of $99.