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Fitbit wearer’s heart rate drops after breakup

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Love hurts, and now your Fitbit can prove it. No more dealing with this qualitative emotions-driven approach; science can now check out your heartbreak (or lack thereof) by way of your heart rate. After breaking up with his girlfriend (and watching her subsequently move out), Redditor johnnybags watched something else change too — his resting heart rate. Thanks to his trusty wearable, this guy was able to quantify his quality of life post-breakup, or at least, his improvement in health.

Johnnybags posted a screenshot of his heart rate over the last 30 days, and the results say it all — it’s been on a steady decline, perhaps indicating that he is indeed less stressed now that his leading lady is his no longer his. Early this week, johnnybags uploaded the photo with the caption “So my girlfriend moved out,” and after just a few days, the telling picture had nearly half a million views and garnered hundreds upon hundreds of comments.

The photo shows a high of 75 bpm (perhaps catalyzed by the straw that broke the relationship camel’s back), and then reflects a marked drop-off, ending the month at just 61 bpm. And considering shaving off 14 bpm in just one month isn’t an easy feat, this seems like one relationship that had completely run its course.

Johnnybags notes that the spike in the middle of the 30-day period was a result of his ex paying him a visit to pick up some leftover belongings, but he seemed to quickly recover and continue his downward trend.

In a Reddit comment of his own, johnnybags says that he “couldn’t be happier” with his new relationship status (or lack thereof), and clearly his heart agrees.

So if ever you need to prove to your significant other that things are taking a turn for the worse, consider pulling out your Fitbit as proof. Because you can’t argue with your body.

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