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With Origin, Grayton creates the most elegant analog smartwatch yet

Smartwatches have been growing in popularity as the designs have become more elegant. Still, they have a hard time competing with the classic style of an analog watch. Grayton has come up with a solution by embedding the tech into the strap.

With Grayton’s Origin, you can get the best of both worlds. The watch face is a self-winding timepiece built to last generations. It features an open-heart face and a see-through back cover. This watch is meant to appreciate the mechanisms behind an analog watch. With the smart band, you gain the convenience of a modern smartwatch. The strap connects to your phone with Bluetooth for activity tracking, notifications, controlling music, and more.

Many of the strap’s features work the same way as other smartwatches. When you get a notification, the band vibrates. Want to skip a song your phone is playing? Hit a hidden button on the band, All the standard features are there, yet the strap looks like any other watch strap.

To charge your Origin smart band, all you need to do is insert the flip-out USB port at the end of the strap. Grayton is promising up to 10 days of power from just two hours of charging. This is where the watch really differs from other smartwatches. Because of the analog watch face, you will never lose the ability to tell time. When the strap loses juice, you’re left with a really nice, standard watch.

Currently, the Grayton Origin is only available on Indiegogo for the early bird price of $199. The company hopes to ship the watches by March. If you would rather wait to see the final product, you will be glad to know that the product received more than twice its funding price.

Smartwatches have been getting sleeker and more technical, but now it’s time for them to look good. With their classic look, you can finally convince even the most stubborn relatives to step into smart tech.

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