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Better deal? You can buy 10 of these Sports Watches for the price of 1 Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is expensive, but that doesn’t mean all smartwatches have to cost so much money. This is the Sports Watch and it’s the first wearable device from electronics manufacturer Hannspree, which is better known for producing audio visual equipment, and is priced at only £30, or about $44. That means in the UK, you could buy ten for the price of one Apple Watch.

For that price, one cannot expect it to have quite the same technical ability and high-end materials as Apple’s desirable wearable, but the Sports Watch isn’t without its charm. First, it doesn’t have to be worn on the wrist. Inside the pack is a neck band, into which the watch’s body is fitted, turning it into a smart necklace. It’s a possible solution to the problem of watches not suiting all wrists.

Hannspree has made the Sports Watch compatible with Android and iOS smartphones, and produced a companion app for each operating system. Once set up, the watch will show incoming call and message notifications, although it’s not known whether emails, social media, or other apps can also deliver alerts to the watch. It also monitors activity, and will record steps, distance, calories, and sleep, then provide feedback through the app.

The circular OLED screen shows the time and date, the battery level, and any alarms you may have set. The battery is charged using a USB connection in less than an hour, and should last between five and eight days, depending on use. It syncs via Bluetooth, but will keep its data safe for 20 days, so there’s no need to connect it every day.

Cheap smartwatches provide a valuable service — They give us the chance to see whether a wearable device is of any use in our daily lives, without splashing out on an expensive product. Hannspree hasn’t provided a release date or international availability plans for the Sports Watch, but we’ll keep you updated.

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