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LG’s KizON is like Find Your iPhone for your kids

lg kizon kids tracker phone
There’s nothing worse than losing track of your kids, but luckily, wearable technology can help avoid this unfortunate situation. The LG KizON is a wristband specifically designed to be worn by children, and to ensure parents can keep a close eye on them, even when they’re out of sight. Revealed in September, the KizON has been given the go-ahead to launch in Poland this week, and will spread through the rest of Europe soon afterwards.

LG KizONAimed at parents with children in primary or pre-school, the KizON provides real-time tracking, just like Find Your iPhone or similar systems. There’s also a dedicated direct call feature, so kids can instantly get in contact without the need to remember telephone numbers, or carry a phone. Parents can set the KizON to send them location updates throughout the day, and all the information is delivered to a dedicated smartphone app. The wristband uses a 2G network, so coverage shouldn’t be a problem, and Assisted GPS plus a Wi-Fi positioning system deal with the location data.

A 400mAh battery should keep the wearable working for around 36 hours, and rather than leave it down to the child to manage the charging, it’ll send an SMS and a notification to your phone when it reaches 20 percent power. So it’ll be your fault if it runs out of power. The band weighs 42 grams, and will be sold in either blue or pink color schemes. LG says it will offer accessories to customize the look of the KizOn in the future, featuring popular, but so far unnamed cartoon characters. For peace of mind, the device has been extensively tested by several certification bodies, which ensures it doesn’t contain toxic or hazardous chemicals and components.

The price has yet to be confirmed, and we’re still waiting to hear whether the KizON will make it to America.

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