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Ludacris shows off his diamond-encrusted Apple Watch

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Icebox Jewelry/Facebook
Rapper Ludacris has shown off his special Apple Watch at the Teen Choice Awards 2015. However, he hasn’t opted for an ordinary Sport or Watch model, or even the expensive Watch Edition. None of those make the impact necessary for a tough rapper at such a prestigious event, so Ludacris strapped on a diamond-encrusted smart watch, and paraded it not only at the gathering, but also on Instagram.

ICED OUT APPLE WATCH!! @iceboxjewelry!! #apple #applewatch #iWatch #applewatchsport #gadget #diamond #gold #icebox #iceboxjewelry #atlanta #teenchoiceawards2015

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A photo posted by @ludacris on

“Iced out Apple Watch!” Ludacris wrote on the photo-sharing social network, along with various hashtags including #gold and #diamond. In a second post, Ludacris gives us a close-up of the watch, in all its gaudy glory, and reveals he picked it up at his “personal jewelers,’ just moments before the event itself.

Ludacris joins a line of high-profile musicians and celebrities who have worn the Apple Watch before and after the official launch. However, few were customized in the same way as this model. Produced by Icebox Jewelry, the watch isn’t the first of its kind, and the company has images of two other, similar Apple Watch models (one of which you can see at the top of this article) on its Facebook page.

If you fancy replicating Ludacris’s look, then Icebox says it has both 38mm and 42mm Apple Watches in stock, covered in 18K gold and with a diamond bezel. No price is mentioned for the ostentatious device. There’s a choice of diamond weight, which will affect the end cost, ranging from 1.5ctw to 5.50ctw. Rather than building an entirely new body, Icebox Jewelry cleverly customizes watches with a new bezel, which may be how Ludacris’s watch has been made. This could hint at the price. An 18K white gold bezel with a 2.25ctw diamond bezel, designed for a Rolex Submariner watch, costs $5,000.

Ludacris is so happy with his gold and diamond Apple Watch, he’s apparently about to buy another one, this time for his wife Eudoxie Agnan.

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