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Misfit goes high-fashion with the Swarovski Shine fitness tracker

Misfit’s affordable Shine fitness tracker was one of the first to target women with its Bloom pendant and necklace accessory. Now Misfit is moving straight into the fashion world with the Swarovski Shine, a new crystal fitness tracker and line of jewelry accessories.

The new Shine has a Swarovski crystal face that comes in a luminous, clear color option, or in a bright violet tone. The crystal is housed in an aircraft-grade aluminum body and can be inserted into a wide range of Swarovski designed accessories, including the Vio Pendant, Piofiori Band, or Slake Bracelet. If you decide to go with the bracelet accessory, you can choose between a gray band with white crystals, or a blue one with purple, clear, and blue crystals. All of the options are quite stylish, and if you like Swarovski’s jewelry, you’ll certainly love Misfit’s new Shine.

In addition to looking glamorous, the new Swarovski Shine offers all the same functionality as the old Shine. The small, circular crystal will track your walking, running, swimming, cycling, yoga, dance, and other activities, as well as monitor your sleep patterns. Since the Swarovski Shine syncs up with a companion app on your smartphone, you’ll be able to check in on your progress, track your caloric intake via apps like MyFitnessPal, and manage your settings. The crystal can also be used as a watch, thanks to the small pinpricks of light that shine along the perimeter of the circle.


Even though it may seem like the Swarovski Shine is too pretty to take on a run in the rain, it’s actually waterproof up to 50 meters if you wear it in the sport band. The clear crystal Shine is powered by a watch battery that lasts up to 6 months, but the violet Swarovski Shine can actual charge in the sun and never needs to be replaced. Misfit told Digital Trends that you’ll never have to charge this shine or replace its batteries, as natural sunlight, LEDs, and even halogen lights will juice it up.

The Swarovski Shine is available for pre-order in the U.S. on Misfit’s website and will arrive in Swarovski stores this spring in the U.S., Hong Kong, and China. Misfit will also offer sets that include two accessories along with the Swarovski Shine. Prices for the bundles range from $170 to $250. If you’re not interested in the bundles, the Swarovski Shine itself costs $150. Nine other accessories that work with the Swarovski Shine and any Misfit Shine are also available on the company’s website for $70 and up. We’ll have hands on time with the Swarovski Shine at CES, so stay tuned for more.

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