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Misfit introduces its Specter Wireless In-Ear Headphones

misfit introduces its specter wireless in ear headphones screen shot 2016 01 03 at 7 28 29 pm
The versatility of Misfit’s products — extending from wearables to home goods — has made the firm’s offerings a hit among consumers for quite some time. But now, the company is moving into previously unexplored territory. This year, at the Consumer Electronics Show, Misfit is introducing their Specter Wireless In-Ear Headphones, which promise to deliver “functionality beyond the wrist.”

Misfit Specter product

While the wearables market has maintained a veritable monopoly on wrist real estate, an increasing number of companies are now looking to other body parts for inspiration. Now, with a new line of “hearable” products emerging, Misfit’s Specter headphones are allowing their wearers to connect with a slew of Internet services, apps, and hardware. Compatible with the Misfit Link, the Specter headphones are also capable of most of the functions encompassed by other products in the Misfit line, including activity and sleep tracking, thanks to their embedded accelerometer. And because these headphones are, of course, Bluetooth enabled, you can sync everything with the Misfit app to actually see (as well as hear) your activity and sleep information.

“We developed the next essential product that we believe our customers want,” Preston Moxcey, vice president and general manager at Misfit, said in a statement. Describing the Specter as “seamless, comfortable in-ear headphones that deliver high-end sound and useful connected functionality in a gorgeous form factor,” Misfit is clearly branching out.

The Specter features dual-driver technology that supports what the firm calls “clean, rich sound quality, wide dynamic range, and excellent sound reproduction for any type of music.” And because they’re supremely comfortable, you’ll be fine wearing these headphones even as your sleep. After all, how else are you going to track your resting cycles?

While the Specter headphones aren’t available to eager buyers quite yet, following their CES debut, the latest in the Misfit line will have more product details available in the spring of 2016. So hold out for a new pair of headphones — these guys just may be the ones for you.

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