Buy an Android smartphone and Moto 360 from Best Buy, get $100 off the total purchase

Moto 360 Watch front angle full
Even though the successor to Motorola’s Android Wear smartwatch, the Moto 360, seems to be right around the corner, the original is still considered one of the better smartwatches currently available. Through Best Buy’s newest promotion, that purchase just became much more easygoing on your wallet.

Through the retailer’s newest promotion, if you buy any Android smartphone, you will get $100 off the purchase of the Moto 360. The offer seems to apply to not only contract Android smartphones through carriers such as Verizon and AT&T, but also to those $50 prepaid Android phones you see lining Best Buy’s shelves.

If you want to take advantage of the promotion, Best Buy is giving would-be buyers until April 18 to do so. In addition, the promotion only applies for in-store purchases, so, unfortunately, you can’t do your shopping online and receive the discount. With the Moto 360 already on sale for $180, the discount effectively brings the price down to just $80.

When we reviewed the Moto 360, we gave the smartwatch our Recommended Product award for its beautiful design and ability to charge wirelessly. Even though Android Wear still has its quirks, we would recommend the Moto 360 to anyone in the market for a smartwatch.

iPhone users might also want to consider the promotion, since you might soon be able to use the Moto 360 with your iPhone. Of course, it depends on whether Apple will approve the app or not, but even so, the possibility of Android Wear reaching iOS devices seems strong.

Available at: Best Buy

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