This may be the one accessory Apple Watch owners really need

With the Apple Watch just weeks from launch, lots of third-party tech outfits are currently busy looking at what kind of accessories they can knock together for the much anticipated device.

Aware that day-long battery life could prove the biggest annoyance for owners of Apple’s very first wearable, one tech firm, Santa Barbara-based Nomad, has created the Pod.

The portable battery pack holds an 1800 mAh battery which its maker claims is capable of charging the Apple Watch four times over.

Once the Pod itself is fully charged, you simply connect the watch’s charging wire to the Pod, coil the wire around the inner part of the device, and finally slot the watch’s charging connector into the space on top.

Just over 7 cm in diameter and 2.5 cm thick, the 80-gram device, which sports an aluminum casing and polycarbonate plastic enclosure, is small and light enough to be popped into a bag or large pocket and forgotten about until needed.

An added bonus is the inclusion of Type A and Type C USB ports, which means Nomad’s Pod can be used to charge pretty much any USB-powered device.

Of course, Apple Watch owners would rather have a battery that lasted for a lot longer than 18 hours than have to think about forking out for an additional gadget, but until new technology arrives to pave the way for such a possibility, devices like the Pod offer a solution if you don’t want to be out and about when the built-in battery dies.

Available in space gray, silver, and matte black, the Pod is set to begin shipping on June 15 for $60.