The Omate Lutetia adds a woman’s touch to the smartwatch craze

omate lutetia adds womans touch smartwatch craze

While Samsung, LG, Motorola, and Pebble will gladly tell you their smartwatches are for any gender, they’re not exactly eye-catching for the ladies. It’s likely for this reason that Omate took it upon themselves to create the Lutetia, a smartwatch specifically geared towards women.

The Lutetia is powered by the Mediatek Aster MT2502 platform, the same platform that’s utilized by the Omate X. Instead of serving as a full-fledged cellular device, the Lutetia serves as a notification watch, while also offering a pedometer, music control, weather, stopwatch, timer, and voice control features.

The watchface is a near-circular, always-on transflective LCD that’s covered with a curved, sapphire-coated glass piece. Powering the Lutetia is Omate’s Nucleus RTOS, which should give the watch week-long battery life, as well as pairing with both Android and iOS.

Instead of competing directly with the likes of Samsung, Apple, and Pebble, the Lutetia will instead challenge its counterparts from Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Guess, and D&G, said Omate CEO Laurent Le Pen to Engadget. While Le Pen admitted that the 40mm-wide, 12mm-thick Lutetia is “a big lady’s watch,” he also said it won’t look “ridiculous on a woman’s wrist.”

Starting tomorrow, you can pre-order the Lutetia for $170 on Omate’s website. You can buy it in either silver, rose gold, or gold, with the body coming with a matching stainless silver wristband.