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Pivotal Living’s crazy cheap fitness band goes on sale in the UK

pivotal living band uk launch news
Pivotal Living launched in 2014 with a $12 fitness band, before adding a set of $40 smart bathroom scales to its range last month, but only for U.S. buyers. That has now changed, as Pivotal Living has launched its fitness band in the UK through Amazon’s Launchpad, where startups can sell their innovative products in the country.

We first looked at the Pivotal Living Band back when it was revealed and known as the Life Tracker 1. The name may have changed, but the way it works and how much it costs has remained the same. In the UK, the Band is priced at £15 which provides 12-months access to the Pivotal Living app. Essentially, you’re getting the Band for free, and paying just over £1 per month for the app.

The Band is a traditional black wrist strap with an OLED display on the top, showing the time, how many steps you’ve taken, calories burned, and a quick-access stopwatch mode. It also monitors your sleep patterns, and then syncs up with Pivotal Living’s app using Bluetooth. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and comes with a wide variety of additional features.

For example, it provides a way to add in hydration and nutrition (not automatically, it needs your input), and weight. The app has a smart alarm feature that will cause the band to vibrate when you’re in a light sleep phase, within a set period of time, to help you wake up more naturally. You can connect up with other Pivotal Living Band wearers, and receive motivational tips. The Band is water resistant, and the battery is said to last around a week.

Pivotal Living’s Band is a compelling product. The hardware looks good, the app sounds comprehensive, and the price is low enough to attract even those who aren’t convinced they’ll wear a fitness band for any length of time. At the time of writing, the Band is listed as out of stock on Amazon’s site, but that should change soon. Whether the newly announced smart scales will follow remains to be seen.

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