Play about with Apple Watch apps on this new interactive site

play about with apple watch apps on this new site
Apple’s eagerly anticipated smartwatch is edging toward its launch date, with many industry watchers keen to see how consumers respond to the company’s first ever wearable.

We still have a month or so to wait, but if you fancy learning more about what kind of third-party apps are coming the watch’s way, and how they’ll work on such a small display, then check out this new emulator site built by the folks over at AppAdvice.

The team behind news app Pipes also had a bash at a similar kind of site earlier this year, though AppAdvice’s offering is far more comprehensive, with 26 apps highlighted.

The interactive previews give us the best idea yet of how some of the Apple Watch apps will look on the screen, and how they’ll function.

Big-name apps like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest are all there, as are lesser-known ones like Deliveries, Pommie, and the interestingly named FartWatch, which lets you “turn your iPhone into a remotely activated Whoopee Cushion”.

Some of the apps on the emulator offer more interactivity than others, but overall it gives you an idea of how developers are taking on the challenge of creating or adapting software for the small display.

The Apple Watch is expected to be the focal point of the tech company’s already-announced special event on March 9. We’ll have all the updates right here at DT.

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