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Polar's new fitness tracker helps you get off the couch and on the road

polar m200 fitness tracker launch
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Hate running? You’re not alone, but that doesn’t change the fact that running can be an important part of keeping fit. Polar recognizes this, and has launched a new wearable fitness tracker designed specifically for those that aren’t huge running fans.

The device is called the M200, and offers many of the same features you would find on other fitness trackers. For example, you’ll find a GPS, a heart rate monitor, and the ability to count steps and track sleep. Not only that, but it can show notifications from your phone and go swimming with it — it’s waterproof.

As far as design goes, the M200 certainly doesn’t look bad — but it does look like a sports watch. Still, as far as sports watches go, effort was clearly put into the design, and you could most definitely wear the device regularly.

So why go for a device like this over a regular fitness tracker? One of the best things about the device is the companion app, which can coach the wearer through a workout. It can also help you train for specific goals, such as training for a marathon or even for a 5K run. The device will offer notifications and tips throughout your workout based on what it is seeing you do.

You’ll also be able to use the app to see your progress over time — which is great if you really want to get more into working out and want to be able to use the things the device tracks to tweak your performance.

The M200 is currently available for pre-order at a price of $150. It will be released for purchase at some point later this month.

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