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The Gear S2 smartwatch is the first to use AT&T's NumberSync feature

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Jessica Lee Star/Digital Trends
The Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch has become the first official device to support AT&T’s NumberSync service, where your existing mobile number is synced across from your smartphone, so you don’t always have to have it with you. The network has started selling the Gear S2 with NumberSync activated for $100, provided you sign-up for two years.

If you’ve already been out and purchased a Gear S2, don’t worry, a software update will soon be sent out adding support for NumberSync, so provided you’re an AT&T subscriber with a suitable plan, it’ll work on a 3G Gear S2 watch. AT&T says a Mobile Share Value Plan is necessary for NumberSync, which costs $30 to activate or $10 to add to an existing plan.

The Gear S2 is the first smartwatch to provide call and messaging features through NumberSync, which was announced back in October. At the time, the 4G LG Watch Urbane was expected to be the debut device, but since its cancellation, the future of NumberSync seemed in doubt. Apple had been testing NumberSync in iOS 9.2 beta versions, according to some reports, but it was missing from the recently released public version.

Samsung Gear S2 NumberSync ℠ | AT&T

Now it’s here, what can it do? AT&T’s Gear S2 will make and receive calls, send and receive text messages, plus your regular telephone number will be visible to those you call or contact. You have access to voicemail as well. Using these services requires data, and will count against your monthly allocation. The major advantage is you don’t need to have your phone nearby — the Gear S2 uses its own SIM — and it doesn’t have to be connected to it with Bluetooth either. It can even be completely switched off, and the smartwatch still acts as your phone.

Would we recommend the Gear S2 and NumberSync? We’ll try out AT&T’s service soon, but the Gear S2 remains one of 2015’s most frustrating mobile devices. We loved it when it was announced, but found it flawed after spending more time with it for our full review.

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