Samsung seeks independent VR content creators for new Gear Indie channel

Qantas Samsung Gear VR

As more and more virtual reality headsets hit the market, new owners of the hardware desire more than anything a steady flow of awesome content delivering exciting immersive experiences. Attempting to separate itself from the competition, Samsung has launched Gear Indie, a new video channel for its Milk VR video service.

While a number of big-name brands already have content on Milk VR, Samsung is aiming its new channel at smaller production houses that are seeking to build an audience for their original VR videos. According to Fast Company, the Korean company’s broader plan comprises three elements: a curated library of short VR movies for its new channel; various challenges to motivate and reward VR content creators; and a special initiative to put emerging talent in the VR content-creation field in touch with established pros so they can expand and hone their skills.

Matt Apfel, vice president of strategy and creative content at Samsung Media Solutions Center America, told Fast Company the Gear Indie channel launches with five short VR films, with another eight rolling out by the end of the week. Additional films will be added on a weekly basis, Apfel said.

The content will reportedly cover a variety of genres, including comedy, sports, and nature, with an experimental stop-motion piece shot in the Mohave Desert appearing as one of the channel’s early offerings.

Samsung has already said it wants its Gear VR platform to become a “daily habit” for users much in the way people now hit YouTube without thinking about it, though it knows it has to pump out great content on a regular basis to have any hope of reaching its goal.

The tech giant will be hoping to create a virtuous circle where an expanding library of impressive material will generate enough interest to push sales of its headset, persuading even more content creators to get involved.