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The Shammane smartwatch puts fashion first and is designed with women in mind

You will find a plethora of smartwatches today, but very few cater to women. They are either too big or not all that stylish. But we now have some good news for our female readers. A new watch aimed at women has hit Indigogo, and it’s called the Shammane.

The Shammane smartwatch features a fashionable design with just the right amount of technology. More importantly, it’s one of the smallest round smartwatches on the market, so it’s perfect for empowering dainty wrists.

An elegant design

The Shammane smartwatch features a mirror-polished aluminum rose gold case that looks fantastic with any outfit. Its diameter is only 39mm, making it one of the smallest circular smartwatches available today. Both the Huawei Watch and the smaller Moto 360 come in at 42mm. The smaller Apple Watch is 38mm, but it isn’t round like a traditional watch.

Changing the bands is essential to your look and that’s why Shammane is offering six different colors to choose from. Switching doesn’t require a tool so you can easily swap them to match your outfit. The downside is that you can only buy watch bands specifically made for the Shammane.

With a dust and water rating of IP67, the Shammane isn’t completely waterproof, but it can be submerged in up to 1 meter of water without damage.

The LCD touchscreen is 1.22 inches and has a resolution of 240 x 204, which brings us to probably the most negative feature of the watch. This leaves the display with a flat-tire look similar to the Moto 360, only bigger.

SHAMMANE Smartwatch Video clip Indiegogo Crowdfunding

Simple yet functional

Shammane designed this watch with fashion in mind, but it was also important to provide the right amount of “smart” features. It can be connected to iPhones running iOS 7+ and Android phones running 4.3+ using Bluetooth technology.

You will be able to read text messages, check your calendar, and find out who is calling you. It also has the ability to display all the notifications from your phone.

Fitness is always important so the included pedometer will track your steps, while the included fitness app will allow you to set daily goals and let you know if you have achieved them.

Most smartwatches need to be charged daily, but not the Shammane. The battery will last up to three days, which means you can leave your charger at home for those weekend trips.

Finally, a number of watch faces will be available that you can easily swap out based on your outfit or mood.

Availability and pricing

The Shammane smartwatch will start shipping worldwide June 2016, but you can get in on the ground floor right now. The company is offering discounts for early birds.

If you order within today, you can get the Shammane Blue or Shammane Nude for only $249, otherwise the price goes up to $299 starting tomorrow. Both of these packages include two different themed watch bands. The top tier package is the Shammane Harmony, which goes for $549, and includes all six watch bands.

There are a number of other packages as well, so check out the Indigogo campaign for more information and to place your order.

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