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The Shaper by NOWA is a smartwatch that looks like a classic timepiece

shaper by nowa smartwatch screen shot 2017 04 08 at 3 14 33 pm
With a schedule as busy as yours, the last thing you ought to have to think about is keeping time. Luckily, there’s a new watch on Kickstarter that will do that for you, regardless of what time zone you’re jetting into or out of. Meet the Shaper by NOWA, a collection of watches for frequent fliers that connects to your smartphone for automatic time zone changing as well as activity and sleep tracking, all with the timeless look of an analogue face.

Promising to be the slimmest intelligent watch ever made, the Shaper wants to prove that beauty and brains can most certainly mix on your wrist.

While there may not be much revolutionary behind the concept of the Shaper, the elegant (and rather traditional) design is certainly something that’s not all that common in today’s smartwatches. The NOWA watch syncs with your smartphone to ensure that it’s always giving you an accurate reading, and will also keep tabs on the number of steps you’ve taken and distance traveled in a day. All this information is made available in a straightforward application, and automatically recorded in either Apple Health or Google Fit, depending on your operating system.

While the Shaper may look like a classic watch, it certainly boasts a bit more underneath the hood. Promising eight months on a single standard CR2025 battery, this watch was designed in Paris by Eric Gizard, who sought to create a simple, slim, and comfortable timepiece that could be worn every day. And thanks to its Swiss part movement, you won’t have to worry about this watch slowing down.

Other components are also made with quality materials, like the Italian calf leather strap, durable stainless steel casing, and Sapphire coated glass. With nearly two weeks left in its campaign, the Shaper has already surpassed its funding goal, raising over $45,000 from 372 backers as of press time. If you’d like to preorder one of these watches for yourself, you can do so for $119, and expect a shipment in July of this year.

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