Yes, you can now get a protective case for your Apple Watch

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Nervous about scratching the expensive Apple Watch on your wrist? Don’t worry, smartphone case maker Speck has come to the rescue with a case for it. Yes, that’s right, a case for your Watch. The idea borders on the insane — who puts a watch inside a case? — but with summer almost here, the Watch will be more exposed than ever before, plus its fitness tracking features mean it could spend plenty of time in the gym. Maybe giving it a fighting chance at survival isn’t such a bad idea.

The case is the CandyShell Fit, and the design incorporates several of the elements which make Speck’s iPhone CandyShell cases stand out. The shell, which is made from hard polycarbonate, acts like a bumper for the body, and has a raised 1.5mm lip surrounding the Watch’s display. However, it doesn’t cover the Digital Crown, the screen, or the heart rate sensor on the rear, ensuring the Watch can be operated as normal.

Sensibly, Speck has made the case easy to take on and off, although exactly how this is done isn’t clear yet. While our phones need constant protection, the Apple Watch may only need a little extra when the going gets tough. It’s inevitably small enough to carry around with you, so it’s entirely possible to only use the CandyShell Fit when it’s absolutely needed. The Apple Watch looks great without anything covering it up, so why do so unnecessarily?

Speck will produce the CandyShell Fit for both the 38mm and the 42mm Apple Watch, and it will be suitable for the Watch, Watch Sport, and the Watch Edition. The release date hasn’t been confirmed, but expect it sometime before the end of May. You can sign-up on Speck’s website to be notified when it’s available. When the day comes, be prepared to spend $30 on it.