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Tom Brady turns Android Wear watch face designer for TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer has announced a trio of exclusive new watch faces for its Carrera Connected smartwatch, created by sports stars and TAG Heuer spokesmen Tom Brady, Giancarlo Stanton, and Jeremy Lin. Apparently, all three had a considerable hand in designing the looks, and the results are very different from the classic faces TAG Heuer pre-installs on the Carrera Connected.

Tom Brady has opted for a simple face with a large number 12 and smaller 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock indicators, plus a single red, white, and dark blue strip running down the right-hand side of the face. He has also decided to add his own name to the watch face. According to TAG Heuer, he’s pretty excited about the release, and has been constantly in contact with the company, asking when he’ll get his own.

Giancarlo Stanton’s custom watch face also bears his name, this time in signature form at the base of the display, and underneath a large number 27 that dominates the display. The grey, black, and white color scheme is very cool, and looked great on the Carrera Connected. Finally, Jeremy Lin’s watch face is probably the most extravagant. The bold face combines a dragon emblem, a Chinese character, intricate hands, and striking red, black, and silver colors.

TAG Heuer will release all three faces on January 20, and it’s expected they’ll remain exclusives for owners of the expensive Carrera Connected watch. Priced at $1,500, it has sold surprisingly well, with pre-ordered stock selling out in most locations prior to release. TAG Heuer itself was equally taken aback by the response, and has since increased production and talked about producing different versions in the future.

The watchmaker has a long list of high profile ambassadors, and although quizzed about future collaborations — we’d quite like to see a Jenson Button watch face, for example — there has been no confirmation of others to come, but we’d be surprised if efforts ended with these three names.

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