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Sweaty pits? Keep them dry and cool with these wearable pit-fans

thanko sweaty armpit fans ac
Sweaty armpits are the worst. They’re uncomfortable and smell bad, not to mention the fact that they’re embarrassing. Sure, you could wear more deodorant, but why spend money on deodorant when you could spend money on a wearable air conditioner built specifically for your armpits?

The new clip is built by Thanko, and it’s basically just a fan that clips on to your shirt sleeve and blasts cool air right into the target zone. It even has three settings, which we assume range from ‘minor sweat’ to ‘there’s a raincloud that’s only above your armpits” like in cartoons where the character is sad.

The fan is powered by two AAA batteries, however on those really sweaty days you can actually also plug it into your phone, run a power cable on the inside of your shirt, and cool those pits for hours on end.

Of course, it’s not just our armpits that get sweaty. Thankfully, the clip design means it can really be attached to your clothing wherever you need it most. Sweaty back? Clip it to your collar! Sweaty butt? It’ll easily clip to your pants and blast heavenly air where heavenly air has never been blasted before.

Perhaps the best thing about the device isn’t how awesome it is, but how little it costs. You can get one for yourself for only around $20. Spending $40 to cool off both pits isn’t a bad price at all. No, it isn’t a complete replacement of deodorant, but it sure could mean that you could spend less on deodorant. Who knows, after a while it might even save you money.

Unfortunately, you’ll only be able to enjoy these fans if you live in Japan — the device isn’t available in the U.S. just yet. But considering how innovative it is, it can’t be long before it is, though do have some concerns about safety. What if it overheats?

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