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The chrome-plated Diskus makes it simpler to charge your Apple Watch on the go

Let’s discuss the Diskus. It’s a small, disc-shaped charger for your Apple Watch, but that’s not the only thing it does or the problem it solves. Apple provides a snake-like cable and charger with the Apple Watch, which is long and annoying. Meanwhile, accessory manufacturers concentrate on stylish but bulky travel kits that combine a dock and charger. What if you just want to slip a charger for the Watch into your bag?

That’s what is so great about the Diskus — it’s portable. It’s a simple charging disc for your Apple Watch, without any of the garnish or the ridiculously long cable attached to the Apple version. Instead, its tiny frame is wrapped in a chrome body, and equipped with a Micro USB port, so you can plug in the cord of your choice.

We’ve been checking out a prototype. It’s supplied with a short, braided Micro USB cable in case you don’t have one, that looks tough enough to withstand some harsh treatment. The charger itself is so small and light, you could easily fit it in your pocket and not know it’s there. The chrome finish looks great, and the magnetized charging plate grips our Apple Watch nicely. We did have to make sure the cable was pushed in all the way on the disc, though, as it needs a solid click before the Watch starts to charge.


This isn’t some half-hearted, quickly devised product, either. It’s an Apple approved, Made For iPhone charger, so it meets the standards set out by the company when it comes to accessories. Why use a Micro USB charger instead of a Lightning connector? It seems Apple wouldn’t approve that aspect, but it’s not a massive problem. Most of us will have a Micro USB cable anyway, and the Diskus comes with one. Additionally, many external battery packs only need the opposite end of a USB cable to be plugged in. This makes the Diskus great for carrying around day-to-day.

The final version will come with a cute little pouch to keep everything together. We’ve been stuck with a dead Apple Watch and no charger on several occasions because we underestimated usage and didn’t want to carry the Apple charger around. As such, the Diskus is exactly what we’ve been waiting for. It will make life with the Apple Watch much more manageable.

The Diskus is the work of ThanoTech, the company responsible for the seamless K11 bumper case for the iPhone, that has been on sale since the completion of a successful Kickstarter campaign. ThanoTech has returned to Kickstarter for the Diskus, where if you’re quick, you can get it for $28. Once the early bird deals have sold out, the Diskus will cost $32 on the crowd funding site. Deliveries are expected to take place in October, and seeing as we’ve already had our hands on a prototype, provided the campaign is successful that date seems likely to be met.

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