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The best drawing gloves for your digital artwork

Many drawing gloves are made of fabrics that offer breathability, moisture wicking, and evaporative cooling features. A majority also are engineered to provide high comfort, durability, stretch and shape retention, hand and wrist support, and quick-drying, lightweight properties. These top-notch drawing gloves offer many of those attractive features and more.

The whole idea of a drawing glove is to ensure a novice or professional can perform their artistry more comfortably, smoothly, and cleanly. It also can provide support for a tired drawing hand and protect against a dirty drawing surface. To gain some good assistance while making another masterpiece, get one of the helpful and effective drawing gloves.

Huion Artist Glove

Best Overall

If you need one of the best drawing gloves on the market, consider the Huion Artist Glove. Designed to work on both hands, it’s made from soft lycra and nylon, so it’s very flexible and comfortable and can reduce friction between a hand and surface. The black glove is engineered to prevent smudges and scratches while you’re working on a graphic tablet, graphics monitor, or other device.

Parblo PR-05 Drawing Glove

Smoothest Material

To harness the power of a drawing glove made from very smooth material, get the Parblo PR-05 Drawing Glove. It’s made of high-quality spandex, so it’s very light, smooth, wear-resistant, and breathable. The glove’s double-layer fabric-thickening design on the palm helps increase comfort. Tailored for use on a left or right hand, the glove can help prevent a surface from being smudged during drawing.

Mudder Thickened Drawing Glove

Sturdiest Design

If you need a sturdy and durable drawing glove, try on the Mudder Thickened Drawing Glove. It’s made of soft and smooth nylon and can keep warm since it’s thickened inside. To be used on either hand, the black glove can help reduce friction between a hand and drawing surface. It also can protect the surface of a graphic tablet, iPad, or other device without leaving any scratches.

To avoid smudges and scratches and gain more comfort while drawing, get a good drawing glove. These models are in that “good” category and can be worn on either hand to make drawing more smooth and pleasurable.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 vs. Fitbit Sense
The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 smartwatch, worn on a person's wrist.

The Galaxy Watch 4 is Samsung's take on a modern, hi-tech wearable that doesn't imitate an old-school analog wristwatch. It eschews the classic design of its predecessors for a sleeker, more streamlined look, while also providing some excellent hardware and features. These include a Super AMOLED touchscreen, 16GB of internal storage, generous battery life, and some great health-tracking software.

It's certainly one of the best smartwatches out there, but in a market saturated by Apple Watches and various Android equivalents, it certainly isn't without competitors. One of these is the Fitbit Sense, which in 2020 emerged to offer a premium version of the core Fitbit experience, replete with an ECG sensor, a choice of virtual assistants, and a wealth of fitness features.

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This $4,000 titanium beauty is the ultimate square G-Shock
The G-Shock MRG-B5000B.

Do you want the very best Casio offers in manufacturing, design, and technology from your new G-Shock, all wrapped up in that highly recognizable square case? In other words, the ultimate version of a truly classic G-Shock watch? If so, the new MRG-B5000B is exactly the model you will want, provided cost is no object. We’ve been wearing it.
What makes MR-G so special?
Although Casio is best known for tough watches that won’t break the bank, Casio also has decades of watchmaking experience, and it showcases its talents most effectively in its highly exclusive MR-G family of watches. These models, its most luxurious, are assembled by hand on Casio’s Premium Production Line located in the Yamagata factory in Japan, where only the company’s most experienced, specially certified technicians work on the top MT-G and MR-G models.

The square G-Shock is one of the most popular models, having been around since the G-Shock brand first started in the early 1980s, and bringing it to the luxury MR-G range is going to see a lot of people reaching for their wallets. What makes it so special? It’s the first time the classic, beloved square G-Shock has been given the MR-G treatment, with most other MR-G models over the past few years featuring an analog dial. There's a huge section of an already large fan base waiting for this.

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Fitbit recalls Ionic smartwatch after several burn reports
best walmart deals on apple watch garmin and fitbit ionic smartwatch adidas edition ice gray silver

Fitbit Ionic smartwatch users need to stop using their devices right now. The company has recalled its Ionic wearable after over 150 reports of the watch’s lithium-ion battery overheating, and 78 reports of burn injuries to the users. It will offer a refund of $299 to the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch users who return the device.

Fitbit has received at least 115 reports in the United States and over 50 reports internationally about the Ionic smartwatch's battery overheating. It is recalling the device as there are two reports of third-degree burns and four reports of second-degree burns out of the 78 total burn injuries report.

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