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The Misfit Ray is the wearable you’ll want to wear

the misfit ray is wearable youll want to wear product  print
Just because you can wear something doesn’t mean you necessarily want to – a principle the wearables market sometimes seems to forget. After all, how many rubber, metal, or plastic watch-like devices can you really put on your wrist? Too many, says wearables company Misfit, which is why it’s designed the all new Misfit Ray Fitness and Sleep Monitor, which promises relief from the monotony of design in the market. With a distinct deconstructed and modular look, the Ray is called “uniquely wearable” by its makers, and promises to be as subtle or as bold as you want it to be.

Misfit Ray lifestyle - web12 mm in diameter and 38 mm long, the tubular and sleek make of the Ray makes it unlike most wearables available today. With an elemental, interchangeable design, you can personalize the Ray to fit your wardrobe, allowing it to complement rather than detract from your overall look. Described as “elegant or sporty, sensual or bold, striking or subtle,” you can place the Misfit Ray on your wrist or around your neck.

“We designed Ray to be your most valuable accessory,” said Tim Golnik, VP of Product and Design at Misfit. Aesthetically pleasing and just as powerful as any of the other devices Misfit has produced, the water-resistant Ray tracks activity and sleep with a 3-axis accelerometer, and features a vibration motor that gives feedback and reminds you when you’ve been immobile for a bit too long.

With a single multicolor LED eye, Ray also provides notifications from texts, calls, and alarms, and of course, like all Misfit devices, it never needs to be recharged. Simply replace the six-month battery when it stops working, and carry on as before. “Ray’s design distills the essential performance of our wearables and opens up a world of style possibilities.”

Misfit also partnered with Swarovski last year to bring activity tracking jewelry into the market — but the jewelry was only available in the U.S., China, and Hong Kong. At CES, Swarovski announced plans to bring its Misfit-powered crystals to the rest of the world. The jeweler is planning to offer various methods to wear its Activity Crystals, such as through necklaces, bands, and bracelets.

The much-anticipated solar-powered tracker from Swarovski is still in the works, but the company is hoping to see it approved soon.

Currently, the Ray is available in Rose Gold and Carbon Black, and can be pre-ordered starting at $100 on

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