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Trust your gut with Welt — a new smart belt from Samsung

Trusting your gut just got a whole lot easier. Meet the new smart belt from Samsung (with the rather unfortunate name) — Welt is a fashion accessory that happens to double as a fitness monitor, because sometimes, your waistline knows best.

Capable of tracking three primary health indicators, the Welt keeps tabs on your waist size, your activity, and your food intake. A built-in pedometer will let you know how many steps you’ve taken in a day (your activity), and the belt also tracks how long you spend in a seated position on a daily basis. And of course, if you make improvements in your health, the proof will be in the belt itself.

For accurate monitoring of your waist size, Welt’s magnetic waist sensor, which is embedded into the buckle, lets you see how much progress you’ve made in terms of inches lost. You’ll be able to accurately identify your waist between 28 and 44 inches. And of course, as your waist changes size over the course of the day (it’s OK, we all get food babies), you’ll be able to see just how much expansion your midsection is doing when you overeat, which may help improve your dieting habits.

And of course, to track all this information, Welt has a handy companion app that gives you personalized health guidance. With all information organize on a single screen, you’ll be able to access key insights with regard to your health, and Welt will provide warnings or tips on how to better maintain your physique. You can even set goals for yourself, and have Welt keep you honest.

While Welt does much more than your average belt, it still boasts the same aesthetic appeal as some of the nicest pieces in your closet. Designed with everyday life in mind, the Welt is totally inconspicuous as a health monitor, and dare we say it, even fashionable. There are a variety of buckles and strap designs available, so you can pick one that suits you best.

Currently available on Kickstarter starting at $69, you can start monitoring your health from your stomach when these belts ship out in January of next year.

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