The best subreddits you should subscribe to in 2021

How do you find the best subreddits? By looking! To get you started, here are a few of our favorites, with something for everyone from history buffs to foodies.
14 hours ago

How to download music from YouTube

We'll teach you how to download music from YouTube with two different tools, both offline and on. Just proceed with caution, as ripping audio comes with risks.
2 days ago
woman wearing airpods

How a beaver knocked out the internet for a remote Canadian community

A mischievous beaver took down the internet service for residents of a community in British Columbia, Canada, at the weekend. So how did it happen?

How to block a website

April 15, 2021

The most-viewed YouTube videos of all time

Over a decade later, YouTube now has trillions of views across billions of videos. Here are some of the most-viewed YouTube videos. Which ones have you seen?
Gangnam Style PSY

How to use Google Docs

April 8, 2021