10 random facts about Google that may surprise you

google top 10 facts video list

You might think you know all there is to know about Google and the way it changed Internet searches and then some, but as they say, everyday is an opportunity to learn something new. And thanks to this video compiled by YouTube user All Time 10s (who specializes in all that are visual lists), there are some new facts about the Internet giant that you might have never known or read about before.

Based on data from MSNBC, Forbes, CNN, and other tech and business-related sources, these facts range anywhere from interesting numbers to wacky Google practices. For example, if you have ever seen photos or heard of the typical Google office, you might recognize accents of childlike, primary-esque colors in its decor, the use of scooters for employees to get around the office, or the company’s renowned staff cafeteria (I’ve personally had the chance to eat there twice, and yes, it is as amazing as they say). But did you also know that apparently, Google is too cool for lawnmowers? Fact number seven tells us that in 2009, instead of using the machine to cut grass on its campus, the company rented 200 goats to eat the grass off the field at its headquarters. Mammal labor? That’s either extreme baller status or just wildly absurd.

For the Google fanatic, these facts may not surprise you all too much but it’s always interesting to get a sense of how powerful a company is or what its culture is like according to its random nerdy affinities. After all, a company that makes sure to include Klingon as one of the available homepage languages takes geekdom to a whole new level.

Watch the video below to learn more about Google facts, or other related videos from All Time 10s that could easily kill an hour off your day. We warned ya!

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