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A National Office For Cyberspace?

The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) has delivered a report that recommends setting up a National Office for Cyberspace to help increase American security.

In a project begun in August 2007, the group held four meetings and many briefings with government officials and private sector experts. Its recommendations arrive a month before Barack Obama assumes the Presidency, leaving him with the prospect of creating the office or not.

The CSIS recommends setting up comprehensive national security for cyberspace in a co-ordinated manner, with the lead for this comes from the White House, that cyberspace be regulated – an idea that might well find opponents – and that cyberspace be made more secure by re-inventing the public-private partnership. It also suggests building capabilities, modernizing authorities, authenticating digital identities, and using acquisitions (as in buying secure products) to increase security.

The report issues a dire warning:

"We face a long-term challenge in cyberspace from foreign intelligence agencies and militaries, criminals, and others, and that losing this struggle will wreak serious damage on the economic health and national security of the United States."

The CSIS suggests the President appoint as assistant for cyberspace and establish a Cybersecurity Directorate within the National Security Council, with the establishment of a National Office for Cybersecurity.

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