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Looking to fund a project on Kickstarter? Keep these trends in mind

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Depending upon the whims of the public to bring your dreams to life can be a bit daunting, but with a trendy and compelling enough dream, you just might strike gold on a crowdfunding platform. A new report from Agency 2.0, a crowdfunding agency that makes use of data-driven marketing strategies to create, design, and accelerate campaigns on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo, has revealed the six most salient trends of 2016 when it came to winning over public opinion. So put your thinking caps on, friends — this just might be where you get your million dollar idea.

First, according to Agency 2.0, “In key urban markets such as San Francisco, New York City, and Boston, cheap, portable means of transportation are in high demand.” Sure, Uber and Lyft have the ridesharing game nailed down, but there are alternate methods of transportation just waiting to be discovered. Got an idea for an electric bike, scooter, or even a battery that can make for longer operation times? That may strike a chord with backers.

Wireless earbuds have also proven to be popular items on Kickstarter. Now that Apple has done away with its headphone jack, there’s a growing need for cord-cutting in the headphone space. “There is a growing market for portable, Bluetooth options that can both play music and answer calls,” the agency found.

But it’s not just tech that has proven popular on Kickstarter. Innovation in some more traditional spaces also appears to be an attractive option, with Agency 2.0 noting, “New and innovative features are taking the apparel industry by storm.” Take, for example, the Baubux hoodie jacket, which boasts more than 15 features, including an inflatable neck rest and built-in gloves. Following this multi-purpose trend are various bags, suitcases, and totes that combine sleek design with useful functionality.

Speaking of multifunctionality, the agency also noted that “consolidation of … products and efficiency of use is of utmost importance.” That is to say, if you can design an all-in-one product that combines the functions of 10 different objects into one, you’ll probably find backers beating a path to your door.

Of course, computer and phone accessories remain as desirable as ever, with charging banks and second screens proving their mettle this year. And finally, with the boom in smart home and connected devices, the Internet of Things has become an increasingly hot space. “The new age of smart devices and security systems for the home are DIY, have a simple setup, and beat high home security subscriptions that traditionally dominate the market,” Agency 2.0 said. “With the growth of Amazon’s Echo and the new Google Home, there’s a new market for these types of devices.”

So if you’re looking to take a project to Kickstarter, keep these trends in mind.

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