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Airbiquity Shows New Song Tagging Service

Connection service Airbiquity is introducing a new song tagging service that can make purchase of that great tune you hear when driving a lot easier.

It utilizes the song tag, an encrypted digital code identifying a specific song, to single out the song. When a song is tagged, the Airbiquity technology stores the song’s metadata code including title, artist and year. When the user presses the “Save Tags” buttons, the metadata is sent in real-time to the user’s online account. The user later logs in via a customizable web portal where he can review his favorite tags and purchase the songs. Song tags are sent from the vehicle using Airbiquity’s patented aqLink modem to its VIAaq managed services platform, and no subscription is required.

There will also be a “Buy It Now” option letting users simply push a button and purchase the track. When the user next logs into his account it will be available for download.

Kamyar Moinzadeh, president and CEO of Airbiquity, said:

“Radio continues to serve as a great way to discover new music. Our real-time solution reinforces the link between the discovery process and the final purchase. We can now provide instant gratification for users and an enhanced, interactive listening experience in the car.”

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