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Instant Video Finder: Amazon hoping new feature will help users find interesting content more easily

Amazon is hoping to help users of its Instant Video service search through its catalog more productively with the launch of its new Instant Video Finder.

The finder introduces a bunch of new search categories in an attempt to help you find something appealing among its catalog of over 140,000 movies and TV shows.

The e-commerce giant announced the launch of the finder on its official Twitter feed, encouraging users of its service to “find the perfect show that fits your mood.”

According to Amazon, the categories now have a more personalized touch, based on a user’s viewing history for genre, theme, plot and mood.

The Video Finder’s homepage shows 50 categories, including Feel Good, Tough Guy, Tech Noir, Psychological Thriller and Sea Adventure. You can also filter results to see only Prime Instant Videos, those Rated G or PG, TV shows and movies.

Hit on a category and it’ll bring up a list of 12 sub-categories. So on the Feel Good page, for example, you’ll find suggestions for Popular Feel Good content alongside Feel Good & Comedy, Feel Good & Kids/Family, Feel Good & Animation and Feel Good & Romantic, among others.

The sub-categories bring up between around 8 and 80 choices, which means that much of the content will still have to be hunted down using  the search box at the top of the Instant Video page. Still, if the new feature’s algorithm proves effective in learning what you like, the relatively small number of suggestions shouldn’t matter, and anyway will likely grow over time. 

Amazon’s new Video Finder feature is currently in beta. You can check it out here.

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