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Amazon, Netflix Top Holiday Satisfaction

Amazon, Netflix Top Holiday Satisfaction

It’s no secret that customer satisfaction is vital, online as well as in bricks-and-mortar stores. So Amazon and Netflix will be feeling happy at the result of the new survey from ForeSee Results, which has looked into customer satisfaction with online retailers this holiday season.

Both companies hit a score of 84 – any score above 80 is considered excellent, and they were the only two to achieve it. ForeSee rated 40 retailers on a 100-point scale using the University of Michigan’s American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).

Only 10 companies had greater customer satisfaction than in 2007, with Walmart and HP’s online store the biggest climbers. However, 40% of sites found their customer satisfaction falling, with HSN and Gap experiencing the biggest declines.

“In a recession, knowing that improving customer satisfaction with your website can engender that kind of loyalty and purchase intent is like money in the bank,” said Larry Freed, President and CEO of ForeSee Results. “But too many e-retailers are ignoring this crucial metric, and it shows in the results of our study. Only two of the 40 measured e-tailers scored above 80, and more than a quarter scored 70 or below. Nearly 40% saw satisfaction drop year-over-year. That’s just not playing to win in this economy.”

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