Amazon press conference on Sept. 6: Kindle Fire 2 coming soon?

amazon press conference invite

On Thursday, Amazon sent out invitations to reporters, inviting them to a press conference taking place in two weeks, on September 6 in Santa Monica, California. A new product announcement seems imminent — but will it be the new Amazon Kindle Fire 2, color display Kindle e-reader, or something else altogether?

All Kindle-related announcements for both its Fire and e-reader product lines in the past have typically taken place in New York City. So with the conference set to take place in California, we’re suspecting that the announcement would be more likely to be entertainment-related. With this in mind, there are two possibilities. The news could be related to Amazon Prime, its online streaming service for which the company has been signing content deals with major studios. Or there’s a remote probability that the announcement could be related to Amazon Studios, its original programming venture that currently has selected six candidates for its development slate. Among the six shows, “Javi and the Treehouse Club,” a Web show targeting preschool children, already has a teaser trailer, while the other five shows on the slate have enjoyed various other promos.

Of course, it may also be some combination of Amazon Prime, original content, and a new Kindle Fire, which is one of Amazon’s primary vehicles for selling Amazon Prime content.

Whatever it is is up to speculation at this point, but there are only just two weeks left before Amazon makes its announcement. Let us know in the comments below what you think it could be that Amazon is planning on announcing.