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Want to hone your app-building skills? Check out Apple’s revamped developer site

apple app store developer website revamp
Interested in building on your app development skills? Apple has revamped the App Store developer site, offering tools, articles, and videos on how to better engage users and grow a business through apps.

The App Store developer website is great tool for developers and perhaps one of the reasons that the App Store has become such a huge success — not only can developers build apps for iOS users, but they can also learn how to promote those apps and engage the customers using the apps.

The new “Making Great Apps for the App Store” site is split into four sections, including Developer Insights, Planning, Guidelines, and Submissions. The different sections follow the different stages of app development, promotion, and ensuring that the app will be accepted into the App Store.

The articles will also cover what to do after an app has been released — the “Releasing App Updates” article, for example, discusses how the likes of Slack, Smule, and BuzzFeed use updates to re-engage customers.

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In addition to these articles, Apple will also include a video series calls “Developer Insights,” which will show how successful developers have come to success, offering tips to those starting out.

The changes come at an interesting time for apps — it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get apps noticed among all the other millions of apps available, especially considering the fact that industry experts suspect we have have reached a point of “app fatigue,” when users no longer want to download more apps, only to have the new ones reside on the 20th page of already-downloaded apps on a smartphone.

Apple is obviously aware of this problem, and recent reports indicate that the company has been looking into ways to revamp the App Store itself — not just the developer website.

While the website has just been launched, the collection of articles and videos will be expanded as time goes on.

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