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Banker Victim Of Identity Theft

Banker Victim Of Identity TheftSome have to see it as the ultimate irony, others as natural justice in an age when so much information can be gathered. Marcus Agius, chairman of the UK giant Barclay’s Bank, just calls it identity theft.   According to a story from Vnunet, he was a victim of the growing crimewhen a scammer who’d obviously done his homework was able to convince a call center employee that he was Agius, and had him send out a replacement debit card. The criminal used that to take out$20,000.   "It was down to human error. Procedures were not followed fully and we have learned from it," a Barclaycard representative told the BBC.“All Barclays customers have a 100 per cent fraud guarantee as long as they take reasonable care of their information."   Following the incident, a new security system was introducedfor senior company executives.

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