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What is the world blogging about? Find out in one infographic

What is a virtual machine?

The blogosphere may be contained to the Internet, but as it turns out, our online behavior is pretty indicative of what we do offline as well. As revealed by the Global Inspiration by Nation report from Bloglovin’, the most popular blog search terms in various countries tend to reflect both the interests and the behaviors of citizens from different corners of the world, though some passions and aspirations are more surprising than others. In an analysis of over 6 million Bloglovin’ users, the site managed to uncover the most commonly searched terms by country, so now you’ll know what the inhabitants of the world want to know more about. 


As per the report, in the U.S., travel is the primary topic of interest when it comes to bloggers. And considering that more than 68 million Americans went abroad in 2014, it seems that we made good on our interests. In the U.K., on the other hand, “vegan” was the most common search term, suggesting that the Brits may be looking to live a healthier lifestyle. “The search terms are definitely a combination of interests and aspirations,” Josh Fischer, Bloglovin’s VP of product told me via email. “While we can’t definitely confirm that Brits are more likely to be vegan than any other country, it is a great way for us to identify and understand the type of content that a particular region is hungry for.” 

In Germany, it seems as though people are hungry for crafting, as “DIY” was the most popular search among bloggers. After all, with the multitude of musicians, designers, and other creative individuals the country has produced, it’s no wonder that Germans at large are looking to do things themselves.

Despite Italy’s reputation as the carb and cheese capital, the primary interest in the blogosphere seems to be finding ways to keep trim figures in spite of all the delicious food available on a daily basis — there, “yoga” was the top search term.

And then in Australia, things got a little weird (but who’s really surprised about that?). According to Bloglovin’, Australians are really interested in hair and its many wonders. As for the Canadians, weddings are a key topic, and considering that 25 percent of Canadian brides undertake DIY projects for their nuptials, it’s no surprise that they’re turning to blogs for inspiration.

“Not only does blogging help the bloggers express themselves, but we have found that readers identify with the blogs they follow,” said Fischer. “The passion that readers have for their favorites is really incredible.” So blog away, world. After all, the Internet is your oyster.

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