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CCTV To Track Brands?

London’s Metropolitan Police are investigating technology that will allow CCTV cameras, that are on streets all over Britain, to identify clothing logos.They believe this can eliminate many hours of manual scanning in tracking criminal suspects.   It’s not a new concept, already used in broadcasts of sporting events to identify logos.  Speaking on BBC radio, Detective Chief Inspector Mick Neville of Operation Javelin, project manager of the Visual Images, Identifications and DetectionsOffice roll-out program, said,   "Many of these young criminals in particular wear distinctive track-suits and coats with logos and sporting emblems and we’re going to use that facility tosearch, link and identify criminals.”   OmniPerception makes the software used to identify logos at sporting events, and the possibility isthat similar technology could be employed with CCTV footage where suspects are being tracked, rather than taking up human time to watch endless hours of television.  

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