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China To Control All Video Content

China To Control All Video ContentFree speech it’s definitely not. From January 31, according to a notice from the Chinese State Administration of  Radio, Film and Television, allInternet video sites available to Chinese Internet users will have to be licensed by the state and can display only permitted content.   In its notice, published in translation by Vnunet, the body stated,   "Those applying for internet audio-visual service [licences] must at the same time be solely state-owned enterprises or enterpriseswhose shares are controlled by the state. Those who provide internet video services should insist on serving the people, serving socialism and abiding by the moral code of socialism."  That’s going to hit YouTube, the site owned by Google, although it perhaps comes as no surprise. Google alreadycensors its search results for the Chinese market, and Yahoo passed on details of a blogger, who is now in jail serving a 10-year sentence. Yahoo recently settleda civil suit over the issue.   Other major tech companies have co-operated with the Chinese government, and the government hasn’t been hesitant in using its power. In 2005 it bannedWikipedia for a year.

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