DC launches ‘We Can Be Heroes’ website for campaign to fight hunger in Africa

we can be heroesDC Entertainment is using its stable of popular fictional superheroes to fight the real world hunger crises in the Horn of Africa. The company has announced a two year, multi-milllion-dollar giving campaign called “We Can Be Heroes,” which uses Superman and the rest of the globally-known Justice League as central icons in the call to action.

Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Batman, Cyborg and of course Superman, all pose in front of a blue silhouette of Africa on the WeCanBeHeroes.org website. The goal is to use the globally recognized comic book character’s names to draw greater attention to the issue. Each of the character’s embodies a virtue, but good finds its strength in numbers as demonstrated when the heroes unify as the justice league. Combining forces to overcome crises is the central message in the “We Can Be Heroes” campaign.

The Horn of Africa region is suffering its worst drought and famine ever seen in over 60 years. The officially declared famine is affection more than 13 million people, all who need critical assistance. Somalia alone makes up 250,000 people on the verge of starvation.

justice league 1DC is partnering with three organizations helping in Africa—Save the Children, International Rescue Committee and Mercy Corps. Donations on the DC campaign website will be matched 100 percent by the company up to $1 million in donations. In addition to the donation matching, buying specially branded merchandise on the website means 50 percent of the purchase going to fight the hunger crises. Along with consumer matching, Time Warner will match any money donated by employees. The We Can Be Heroes Campaign will be getting a boost in exposure by promotions across all of Time Warner’s advertising platforms.

“The members of the Justice League are an international team of super heroes beloved by a broad range of fans..that makes them the perfect ‘spokescharacters for this campaign,” said DC president, Diane Nelson. “Their dedication to social justice and commitment to band together to defend the helpless brilliantly supports the ideals of the We Can Be Heroes campaign.”