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Diggnation to go off air in December

DiggnationThe six year old web show that focused on tech and beer is coming to an end in December. The show which is hosted by Digg co-founder Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht is one of the most popular shows on the web based network Revision3 with around 250,000 weekly viewers. The official announcement will take place during Wednesday’s show.

For the past six years the show consisted of Rose and Albrecht sitting on a couch each with a laptop and a beer. They would discuss popular topics from Rose’s website Digg.com, with a healthy dose of personal stories mixed in. When asked for a reason why they are stopping Albrecht said, “We started this show as kids. Both of us came into Web video at a time when ‘Web video’ wasn’t even a word.” So basically Albrecht who is now 35 and Rose who is now 34 have grown up.

diggnationThe show Diggnation helped launch the Revision3 network, and is still one of its top five shows. Revision3 says that the show accounts for under 10 percent of video views and under 10 percent of revenue for the company.

Both Albrecht and Rose will still have shows on Revision3, but will no longer work together. Albrecht is a co-host on “The Totally Rad Show” which is a show that reviews video games, movies, TV shows, and comic books. Rose is the host of his new show “Foundation” where he interviews heads of tech companies, in it’s first episode he interviewed Twitter’s Jack Dorsey.

After six seasons, and 327 episodes Diggnation helped prove that a web based show could be profitable, and helped paved the way for several others.

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