Dotcom taunts the FBI, announces Mega website

Kim Dotcom Mega PageLess than a week ago, Kim Dotcom said the successor to Megaupload,com would go live on the first anniversary of his arrest and today, he has launched a splash page for the new site, now named Mega.

Eventually, Mega will be found at www.me.ga, but for now that domain redirects to Kim.com/Mega, where a large red Mega logo sits under the words “we promise, we deliver” and “Bigger. Better. Faster. Stronger. Safer,” all of which presumably refer to the improvements made to the site over Megaupload.

Mega is described as a live global cloud file system, and won’t require the installation of any software to manage your files, with encryption being dealt with in your browser. This is important, as Mega won’t have any access to the files you store on its servers.

Dotcom has been accused of profiting from piracy through Megaupload, something that he hopes to avoid by not knowing what his users upload, store and share through the new site.

In addition to this brief description, the page also calls for investors, developers and “hosting partners” to get in touch. Aside from a few technical details, there’s one catch for interested hosting companies: They can’t be located in the US. Under the heading “limitations,” it’s stated that it’s no longer safe for sites providing cloud storage to be hosted in the US or on .com or .net domains, as proven by what’s called the “novel criminal prosecution of Megaupload.”

In fact, Dotcom is doing everything he can to avoid a repeat of what happened to Megaupload, saying “The new Mega avoids any dealings with US hosters, US domains and US backbone providers and has changed the way it operates to avoid another takedown.”

The question is, will that make any difference. According to Dotcom’s Twitter account, the FBI has been busily refreshing the new Mega page since it went live, and to launch a new cloud storage website may be considered a breach of his bail conditions.

We’re sure to find out more between now and Mega’s launch, which is set for January 20 2013.