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Dramatic dash cam footage captures Taiwan plane crash

Drivers with newly fitted dash cams soon realize that when out on the road nothing happens most of the time, but when something does occur it can be pretty spectacular.

Take Wednesday’s plane crash in Taiwan, for instance.

A driver traveling across an overpass close to Taipei’s Songshan Airport caught the moment a sizable turboprop ATR-72 aircraft suddenly appeared directly in front of them, completely out of control. As the dash cam footage shows, the plane, with 58 passengers and crew on board, banks sharply to the left before disappearing into the Keelung River below.

If that wasn’t dramatic enough, the remarkable footage also shows the left wing of the TransAsia Airways jet clipping the roof of the vehicle in front a split second before the plane disappears from view.

Early reports suggest 12 people died in the crash, though with rescue efforts continuing, the number of fatalities may rise. The cause is currently unknown, though no doubt the dash cam footage will be closely examined as part of the crash investigation.

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