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eBay Hits Out At Romanian Phishers

eBay Hits Out At Romanian PhishersRomania, China and Russia. Those are the countries eBay sees as the home of the cybercriminals it’s trying to fight.   Speak at the e-crime Congress in London, eBay UK’s trust and safety manager, Mark Lee, said,   “These attacks are definitely organized.There are towns in Romania where the entire focus is on sites like eBay as the main source of income."   He claims that the criminals are able to operate without any real fear ofpunishment, according to silicon.com. Although Romania has been efficient in the capital, Bucharest, in other areas of the country Lee’s team found up to200 eBay fraud cases backed up.   He said that phishing remains the biggest threat to eBay users, but that the figures haven’t grown because the company has done more and more to educateits customers.

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