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88% of Brit Connections Are Broadband

Broadband definitely rules the roost when it comes to Internet connections in Britain. According to statistics for September, 88.4% of all connections – that’s virtually nine out of ten – are broadband, rather than dial-up.

Although that represents an increase of less than 2% since June, it does mean that broadband use has increased 26% over the past year, a startling figure.   Almost half the broadband connections had a speed of 2Mpbs.

However, the fact that the rise in figures is small will give the big ISPs pause for thought, since it could well mean a slowdown in the market. That’s especially true since the statistics appeared at the same time as an Ofcom report saying that 40% of broadband users are likely to switch providers within the next 12 months. Only 88% of customers have said they’re “very satisfied” or “fairly satisfied” with their service, a dip of  4% over the last year.   20% have already switched ISP once, and 7% twice or more.

However, Ofcom has determined that Brits do get a good deal in their broadband prices, which run 30-40% lower than many other countries, including the US.

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