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Girl Catches Mugger On MySpace

Girl Catches Mugger On MySpaceShe obviously has a glowing career ahead as a detective. 16-year-old Yudelka Polenco of New York had her cell phone stolen by a pair of youths as she was walking home. However, when one of thethieves used her phone’s SIM card to gain Internet access, he inadvertently revealed his e-mail address. From that Polanco was able to find his MySpacepage, she explained to CBS News. However, the page was private, so she couldn’t add him. Instead she had a friend flirt with the youth so she could gainaccess to the page. "I told her to request him because his page was private information so I could get a better picture of him," she said.   Once she had the information, Polanco wentto the police, and Victor Hernandez, also 16, was arrested.